Posted by: Brad Beaman | October 18, 2007

We saw his Star


We saw his star in the sky, we traveled for months.
But aren’t you astrologers, wandering mystics?
Where are the scribes and priests and men of the book?
Their prophets told them, why haven’t they come to look?

They are disturbed, along with their king.
He called forth these teachers, discerning the place.
Then sent us to Bethlehem, he treated us well.
He made this request, after you find him report back and tell.

We went to that small town called Bethlehem.
Finding mother and child we bowed down with joy.
We opened our treasures, giving myrrh, incense and gold.
That day we worshipped, our hearts overflowed.

We found out king Herod was not as he seemed,
He is a man of deception we were told in a dream
We returned to our country we now know his heart.
As God made it clear we returned a different route.

Now open your treasures and worship the king.
A light for all peoples, he’s the savior of all.
That day we saw him at the place of his birth.
He’s with you now to the ends of the earth.                                            



  1. I have a thought on His star…many may vision a beam like a spotlight coming from the star which allowed the wise men too follow and find the baby Jesus…but I think the reverse…for Jesus is the LIght of the world…the beam is coming from Jesus and reflecting on the star that the wise men followed..for stars only relect light…what is your thought

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