Posted by: Brad Beaman | October 22, 2007

On the Mountain


I’ve been zealous for you Lord.
Attempting great things, a time of bliss.
But now I’m done, I’ve had enough.
I’m all alone in this.

Go stand on the Mountain said the Lord.
Then an earthquake shook the ground.
A fire, a wind that shattered rocks
That’s not where God was found.

Then I heard a still small voice.
I felt alone, but I was wrong.
An angel brought me food.
There were seven thousand others all along.

Setting out to change the world,
You called fire from the sky that day.
Then suddenly you reached your end.
You ran so far away.

Now listen quietly and hear His voice.
This ministry is not yours alone.
Many others share the load.
All peoples will worship around His throne.


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