Posted by: Brad Beaman | November 13, 2007


                            wooden-ship.jpg                          ship.jpg

I went to the coast of South India and visited a ship building yard in the city of Mangalore. What blew me away was to see eight men using a human powered winch pull a giant ship from the shipyard to the sea. Eight men did the pulling. Others were putting water and oil and the planks or hitting the planks to reduce the friction for the eight men pulling.  

The men pulling chanted in rhythm to maximize and synchronize their efforts. Part of the shipyard where they were building wooden boats that made me think that Noah must have used many of the same techniques in building the ark.

When I saw eight men pulling a gigantic sea vessel could imagine how the pyramids of Egypt could be built using much the same kind of pulleys maximizing the human power.  I took this video to try to capture the awesome sight of eight men pulling a huge sea vessel.


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