Posted by: Brad Beaman | March 2, 2009

The Apostle Paul: Partners on his First Missionary Journey


Modern Antalya from where Paul sailed in from Cyprus and back to Antioch on his first missionary journey.

Sergius Paulus

In all of Paul’s first missionary journey the only partners mentioned by name are:




One believer  is  mentioned by name:



One enemy of the Gospel is mentioned:

Bar-Jesus  also called  Elymas the sorcerer

Cyprus        Acts 13:4-12

Paul, Barnabas, John-Mark

Bar-Jesus  also called  Elymas the sorcerer – a false prophet sorcerer attendant of procouncil, cursed and blinded

Sergius Paulus– the procouncil sent for Paul, beleiveid


Perge     Acts 13:13, 14:25

John-Mark left Paul and Barnabas and later Paul went back and preached there Acts 14:25


Pisidian Antioch  Acts 13:13-52

Paul and Barnabas

Word of the Lord spread throughout the whole region


Iconium    Acts 14:1-7

Great number of Jews and Gentiles believed, Paul and Barnabas spent considerable time there speaking boldly word confirmed by miracles. They fled when there was a plot to stone them. 


Listra Acts 14:8-20

Crippled man healed.

Barnabas they called Zues, Paul they called Hermes

Stoned Paul dragged him out thinking he was dead.

Disciples gathered around him and prayed.



Acts 14:20-21

Won a large number in Derbe


Returned to Lystra, Iconium Pisidian Antioch strengthening the dsicples appointed elders in each church  Acts 14:21


Antioch return   Acts 14:21-28 gathered the church and reported and rejoiced



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