Posted by: Brad Beaman | January 9, 2010

The Lonesome Song

I’m ready to write the lonesome song.
It should be a hit before too long.
Where’s the lonely whippoorwill?
I sit here listening for his lonesome shrill.

I can’t hear the whippoorwill’s gloom.
There’s a distraction in the room.
Too much noise from family and friends.
I’ll write the lonesome song later, when the party ends.



  1. Brad, I am an ordained Catholic deacon and each week I send out an 11-12 page Scriptural Exegesis to about 400+ people of many faiths. On January 31 I would like to use your photograph depicting the Christ carrying his cross with a multitude of people following Christ doing the same. The theme of my exegesis is “Love is Patient.” Please let me know if I may use this photograph. When I complete the compilation this exegesis, I will send you a copy to let you know how your photograph was used. Each painting or photograph used is hyperlink to take the reader to the artist’s website. Please let me hear from you. Gratefully Deacon John Michel, St. Mark the Evangelist Catholic Church, San Antonio, Texas

  2. Brad,
    I am a quilter. I like to hand-stitch lines of poetry or humorous quotations in the borders of my quilts. I am presently working on a quilt using a ‘crossed canoe’ block which has been around since at least the late 1890’s.
    May I have your permission to use three verses from your poem ‘the small-mouth bass in the canoe’?
    The three verses would be
    ‘She was a beauty…..’, ‘Many advised me….’, and ‘One strange way to fish….’ Hopefully, Sharon

    • Hi Sharon,

      You may use this poem on your quilt. Every Blessing Brad B

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