Posted by: Brad Beaman | December 23, 2010

Spiritual Perspectives from the Local Baker

Hosea 7:1-16

Other than Hosea’s marriage to Gomer not much is known about the prophet. Some people speculate that he may have been a baker because of Chapter 7 verses, 4, 6, 7 and 8 are anologies of Israel to a baker’s oven fire and to a cake in the oven.

Often God uses analogy when He is speaking through His prophets. For instance the prophet Hosea’s domestic life with Gomer and her adultery and harlotry is an analogy of the spiritual condition of Israel. Analogies in Hosea most often point to the spiritual corruption of the nation. It does not speak well of Israel’s condition, but it is not supposed too.

Reading the analogies should cause us to ask the question, what is the moral state of the church? Look at Sodom and Gomorah. If ten righteous ones could be found in the city of corruption then judgment would have been averted.

In a sense the cities were destroyed because of the rampant corruption. In a sense too it was destroyed because there was a lack of righteous leaders ready to hold fast to God’s moral values.
We need to live a life that lets others see light and truth, which is our primary responsibility. What we really need is the spiritual power to live righteously.

God’s Desire to Restore Hosea 7 verses 1-2

Whenever you find a person held by the destructive grip of sin you find a person God wants to restore. Thank God! You can hear the testimonies over and over of people who were restored from a destructive life.

What keeps a person from restoration? The bottom line is a deceitful heart. That is why Hosea 7:1 says every time God would restore his people corruption would return. The tragedy of a deceitful heart is that people deal falsely with one another. Even worse is that people deal falsely with God.

Their deceitful heart manifested itself in crime, burglary and robbery. It engulfed them (vs. 2b) and enslaved them.

Moral Corruption Hosea 7:3-7

How would a political leader feel is the people practiced deceit? That depends of the leader. King Jeroboam II was delighted. He liked the system of deceit. A system of bribes and payoffs suited the king just fine. Their corruption was producing wealth for the king so he took pleasure in it.

Here we have the bakers analogy (verse 4) of the heated oven. The intensity of sin produced passions burning high for sensuality, adultery and lust burned in their hearts. They engage in drunkenness and join forces with the mockers. (vs. 5)  None of them call to God (vs. 7) If they only knew God is not mocked.

Insensitive to their own corruption

Concern for your spiritual condition is healthy progress. Here the backsliden seem unconcerned for their condition.

Here is a word from the baker again. Israel is a cake half baked, not turned over. A cake would not be very useful to you if it were burned on the bottom and raw and the top. Israel was a half consecrated people useless to God. They were burning with lust and cold toward God.

Israel was to be a Holy nation separated and consecrated because of the covenant (Exodus 19:6). They were set apart as a Holy Nation to God. But now they have mixed with the nations (vs. 8 ) God’s call to be set apart meant nothing to them.

In verse 9 there is the analogy of old age. It creeps up. Old age saps the strength and energy. They don’t see the gray hair. Israel had become insensitive to their own corruption. None of them calls on God (vs. 7). Contrast this to Isaiah 40:31, “Those that wait upon the Lord will renew their strength, mount with wings like eagles.

Reasons for the coming destruction. (vs. 13-16)

There are six reasons for the coming destruction. You can relate these same problems to individuals who are not receptive to Christ as savior or to a backslidden believers.

1. They have strayed from God and rebelled against God (vs. 13) they are like a lost sheep.
2. They speak lies (vs. 13b) Their deceptive heart manifests itself.
3. Insensitivity to God (vs. 14)
4. They seek their security outside of God (vs. 14) in their case the worship of fertility gods.
5. They devise evil against the Lord (vs. 15)
6. They do not seek God (vs. 16).

The result is that they will be ridiculed when Assyrian army destroys them.

Like Israel in the days of Hosea Christians today are called to be distinct. Your life should be a testimony. God calls the church to be distinct. (1 Peter 3:16).

When I came to Christ my friend said, Brad I don’t know what it is but something is different about you.

God has high standards. He had high standards for Israel and he has high standards for you as a believer. Of course the world is depraved. They don’t know Jesus. You ought to have a clear distinction as a believer in Christ.


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