Posted by: Brad Beaman | September 3, 2011

Monsoon at Sinhagad

We decided to go up Sinhagad during the monsoon. It turned out to be a day of torential rains and flash floods. This post captures some of what we saw on that day from Sinhagad and the drive back to Pune.


We drove to the top but unless we wanted to get soaked to the skin there was no point in getting out to see the fort.

The rains were wreaking havok on the Sinhagad road.

There are some that seem well suited for the monsoon rains.

Damage control from the flash flood

Village is flooded

This video shows how the roads became inpassable because of the flooding. We turned around and changed our route back to Pune.

The intensity of the flood.



  1. Wow! Glad you all are safe!!! Looks like a pretty memorable day…bike race or not!!! Those monsoons are scary stuff!!!

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