Posted by: Brad Beaman | November 2, 2011

Lavasa Photo Essay

I have made three trips to Lavasa and combined the photos here for my photo essay of Lavasa. It is outside of Pune in the Sahyadri Mountians, but in striking distance from Mumbai too.

 Temghar Dam before reaching Lavasa

When you enter Lavasa you see this structure

I have gone to Lavasa by two means, bicycle and car. It is the best bike ride around Pune. Just look at this road.

It is 75 kilometers from Pune, about 45 kilometers from Chandani Chowk.

View of Lavasa from the top of Lavasa Ghat

You can stop in the information centre and then tour Lavasa by bus.

Or tour Lavasa by train.

Or Lavasa by boat.

This guy tried fishing at Lavasa but the security guards put a stop to that.

The view of the lake.

We love the playground at Lavasa

Plenty of places to eat at the Pavilion.

And the sunsets……………

very nice…………

 This sunset picture has a butterfly flying by

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  1. Love the photos!!!

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