Posted by: Brad Beaman | January 4, 2012

231 Eating Options in Pune

All one Potato at Twisteez Lavasa

Here is an alphabetical list of eating places in Pune to keep from getting in a rut.


1000 Oaks
11 east street café
96K – Select Maratha Food
Aangan Restaurant
Aapli Aavd [SN]
ABC Farms
Abhishek VEG
All Spice
All Stir Fry
Aqua Marine
Arc Asia
Arlekkino Italian

Aromas ABC Farms
Arthurs Theme
Atrium Bar
Aurora Towers
Baan-Thai Restaurant
Banana Leaf
Banjara Hills Restaurants
Barbeque Nation
Beverly Hills Hotel
Big wheels motoring café
Blue Nile Restaurant, Pune
Bohemian, Pune
Bounty’s, Pune
Burger King, Pune
Cafe Barista, Pune

Cafe Bollywood-nashik, Pune
Cafe Coffe Day, Pune
Cafe GoodLuck, Pune
Caramel, Pune
Casablanca – Pune, Pune
Casanova, Pune
Chaitanya, Pune
Chajja, Fort Jadhavgadh
China Grill
China Park
China Park, Pune
Chinese Room Oriental, Pune
Chingari Restaurant, Pune
Choki Dani

Choki Dani Rajasthani experince in Pune

Clover Highland- Shamrock
Coffee House
Coffee Jar


Colour of Spice
Copa Cabana, Pune
Copper Chocks, Pune
Costa Coffee
Cream Centre – Pune
Curry on the Top, Pune
Curve, Pune
Dario’s, Pune
Dominos Pizza
Dorabjee’s, Pune
Durga, Pune
Durvankur Dining Hall, Pune
Durvankur Restaurant, Pune
Easy, Pune
Esca, Pune
Eternia, Pune
Flags, Pune Thanks
Flavors, Pune Thanks
Food Court Kaliyani Nagar
food court, Pune Thanks
Food Link Court, Pune Thanks
Foodies Corner, Pune Thanks
Ganesh, Pune Thanks
Garden court, Pune Thanks
Gardenia , The Orchid Hotel, Pune Thanks
George Restaurant, Pune Thanks
Gloria Geans
Hard Rock Café
Herbs and Spices, Pune Thanks
Horn Ok Please, Pune Thanks
Hot Dog Stand Inorbat Mall
Hotel Aangan, Pune Thanks
Hotel Green Park, Pune Thanks
Hotel Kalinga, Pune Thanks
Hotel Mahabaleshwar, Pune Thanks
Hotel MH-09 Restaurant, Pune Thanks
Hotel Nagpur, Pune Thanks
Hotel Sarovar- Bombay Highway Pune
Ivy Family Restaurant & Wine Bar Thanks
Jalebi Junction, Pune Thanks
JJ Garden Vada Pav, Pune Thanks
Jyothi, Pune Thanks
Kalyan Bhel, Pune Thanks
Kalyani, Pune Thanks
Kangan, Pune Thanks
Kasba, Pune Thanks
Kasturi Mastani House, Pune Thanks
Kayani Bakery, Pune Thanks
Kiva, Pune Thanks
Kobe Sizzlers, Pune Thanks
Kollage, Pune Thanks
Koyla, Pune
Krostini, Pune
Kwality Restaurant,
la pizzeria, Pune
Lava at the Hotel Parc Estique, Pune
Le Courtyard Marriot, Pune

Le Kababiere, Pune
Le Meridian
Linger On Cafe, Pune
Little Italy
Mad House Grill, Pune Thanks
Madhuban, Pune Thanks
Mahesh Lunch Home, Pune Thanks
Mainland china, Pune Thanks
Makkhan Maar Ke, Pune Thanks
Malaka Spice, Pune Thanks
Malhaar (Shree Balaji Food)., Pune Thanks
Manmeet Chat Shop, Pune Thanks
Marz O rin, Pune Thanks
Mathura, Pune Thanks
Maurya Veg
Metro Mix, Pune Thanks
Mezza9, Pune Thanks
Mirch Masala, Pune Thanks
Mirchi Kola, Pune Thanks
Mix – Pune, Pune Thanks
MOCHA, Pune Thanks
MONA FOODS, Pune Thanks
Mystic Masala, Pune Thanks
NIsarg, Pune Thanks
Not Just Jazz By the Bay, Pune Thanks
Oasis, Pune Thanks
Oh Calcutta!, Pune Thanks
Paasha at Pune Marriott Hotel, Pune Thanks
Panchami, Pune Thanks
Papa Johns
Paul’s Catering
Peter’s Pan
PIK-A-MEAL, Pune Thanks
Pinxx – Pune, Pune Thanks
Pizza Hut
Polka Dots, Pune Thanks
Post 91, Pune Thanks
Potoba, Pune Thanks
Prego, Pune Thanks
Prems, Pune Thanks
Pune Gate, Pune Thanks
Punjabi Rasoi, Pune Thanks
Punjabi Spice
Puran Da Dhaba, Pune Thanks
rainmaker’s, Pune Thanks
Rajdhani, Pune Thanks
Rajwada, Pune Thanks
Ramkrishna, Pune Thanks
Rice-n-Curry, Flavours of Bengal Thanks
Royal Symphony, Pune Thanks
Rugved, Pune Thanks
Rutuja Bakery, Pune Thanks
Salsa – Corinthian Boutique
Sanskruti – A Cultural Garden… Thanks
Sarjaa, Pune Thanks
Savera, Pune
Seasons, Pune
Sentosa Resorts, Pune
Shabree Restaurant, Pune
Shangri la, Pune
Shiv Sagar fast food
shukriya, Pune
SICE [Something I Can Eat],
Sicilia Iltalian Restaurant
Silk Route, Pune
Single Malt and Co., Pune
Skips, Pune
Skye, Pune
Smokin’ Joe’s, Pune
Soul Curry, Pune
Southern Spice
Soy – The Chinese Recipe, Pune
Spice Kitchen Marriot
Squisito, Pune
Stone Water Grill, Pune
Sujata Cold Drink House, Pune
sukanta, Pune
Supriya, Pune
Symphony, Pune
Tareef, Pune
Thaat Baat thali, Pune
The Best Brew, Pune
The Eatery, Pune
The Great Kabab Factory, Pune
The Great Punjab, Pune
The Northern Frontier, Pune
The Place: Touche the Sizzler, Pune
The Ship – Grill and Bar, Pune
The Terrace, Pune
The Yellow Chilli, Pune
Tiffins Veg Restaurent, Pune
Tiger Trail – Pune, Pune
Trikaya, Pune
Tutto bene Delicatessen, Pune
Twisteez Lavasa

Up and Above, Pune

Vashaili best South Indian

wadeshwar, Pune
Whispering Bamboo, Pune
YANA, Pune
Yellow Chillies, Pune
Yo! China, Pune
Zaffran, Nagar Road Pune
Zamu’s Place, Pune
Zest, Pune

ZK’s, Pune


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