Posted by: Brad Beaman | May 3, 2012

Lonavala Four Fort Tour Photo Essay

I got up early this morning to ride to Lonavala starting in the middle of four forts; Tung Fort, Tikona Fort, Lohagad Fort and Visapur Fort.

The total distance would be 180 kilometers. I would do 130 in the vehicle and 50 by my bicycle. I went by myself and enjoyed the solitude in the mountains.

I parked under Tikona Fort and rode out and back to Lonavala. I could see Tikona Fort from fifteen kilometers out on the way back.  So I was not going to forget where I parked (I keep forgeting my parking spot number in the shopping malls).

The road is a very narrow pass through the mountians just under Lohagad Fort. The forest gets dense in this area too.

Looking at Tung Fort from across lake Pavana.

The twin forts of Lohagad and Visapur. These two forts can be seen from the Mumbai-Pune Expressway. I passed under the expressway twice when I was near Lonavala.

I saw this one legged man singing Bhajans (devotional songs) outside under a Shamiana Tent at a village near Lohagad Fort.

Old boat at Pavana lake.

My bicycle with a view of Tung Fort and Pavana Lake.

I finished the ride with tea at the shop where I parked my car with a clear view of all four forts.



  1. Wonderful ride !!
    Wat is more commendable is the fact that u did this during peak summer….

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