Posted by: Brad Beaman | August 12, 2012

The Ultimate day in Hong Kong

All the work in Hong Kong is finished so now on to the ultimate day in Hong Kong.

Note: Most of my “Ultimate day” pictures were accidentally deleted so except for the fist and last picture I used similar pictures I downloaded from the internet and links are given for photographer credit for each picture used.

It goes like this….

8:00 AM Breakfast in Sha Tin, New Territories overlooking Tolo Harbor

9:00 MTR to Central

10:00 Double Decker Bus Stanley Gap Toad to Stanley Park

11:00 Shopping at Stanley Market

12:00 Steak lunch on the bay front restaurant of Stanley Park   Picture credit 

1:00 PM Small Bus back to Central Area Honk Kong

1:30 Time Square          Picture credit

2:00 Ride the Double Decker Tram       photo credit        

3:00 Peak Tram to Victoria Peak  photo credit 

View from the top of peak

4:00 Bus To Star Ferry

4:30 Star Ferry across Victoria Harbor       Photo credit

5:00 On to Sai Kun Pier and pick out fish for dinner    Our fish came right off the boat    photo credit

6:00 Dinner at Sai Kun Pier          We had all kinds of sea food I never had before

10:00 PM To Hong Lok Yuen

11:30 PM Ride Bicycle 35 Kilometers on Midnight ride for two hours around Tolo Harbor and along River to Sha Tin Park and return. At midnight there were about 200 cyclists on the bike trail around the Harbor.  

1:30 AM Day is done


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