Posted by: Brad Beaman | August 30, 2012

Goa Fishing Photo Essay

My first stop for fishing on this Goa trip is Aguada Fort built by the Portuguese in 1612 so people could fish there 400 years later. 

My fist agenda was to get some shrimp (prawns) for bait. Fish markets were closed for the day so I went to the pier empty-handed.


See the prawns laying on the fort wall? A local Goa resident gave me these. Also three fishermen arrive who will become my fishing buddies.

I took some time out from fishing to pose for a picture with some of my fans. Tourists from almost every state of India took pictures with me.

Heavy rains and high winds force us fishermen to take cover behind Aguada Fort walls.

The fish were biting, but by that time my line had broken a couple of times and I was down to my lure. You can see below the others caught fish at the same time.

You can see despite just having a lure I was working hard to bring in a fish, but it did not happen.

I took this picture at the Fortune Hotel on my way out for more fishing.

 I tried fishing again, but this time on the Nerul River Bridge in Condolim.

I did not let lack of catching fish stop me from a fish dinner. I had Goan curry fish dishes for dinner every evening at the hotel.


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