Posted by: Brad Beaman | November 21, 2012

Dive Ghat Photo Essay

I have ridden up Dive Ghat in Sahyadri mountains a number of times by bicycle.

I have looked at these steps and wanted to see what they lead to so today was the day.

The first thing you come to is a shrine. Behind the trident you see a 2000 year old carved cave.

I say a 2000 year old  cave because that is how old the other caves are in Maharashtra.

Next I saw two lookout points that I am sure Sivaji had Maratha warrior lookouts posted there in 1670. I would not have been wandering around up there in those days.

I went to both lookout points. When I was on top of one I looked up to a higher point. In the picture below in the top right corner is a saffron flag. I decided I would trek up to that point. On the way up is a small forest area, a change from the tall dry grass everywhere else. I saw a deer in this little forest.

Looking out toward Malhargad Fort.

At the top looking out at toward Hadapsar you can see Mastani Talav (lake).

From this view you can see Jadavgadh fort a 5 star hotel hidden in the haze of the photo but visible on the mountain.

This way would be a very big Trek. You can see Kanifnath temple in the distance, far right corner of the picture.

Normally I feel like I am on top of the world when I go up Dive Ghat. From my view today the vehicles on Dive Ghat Road to Saswad looked like toy cars.

The Google map view



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