Posted by: Brad Beaman | January 8, 2013

Muscat Photo Essay

View of the Craggy Oman coast from Oman Dive Centre.
Muscat Shangrala
Riyam Park.
Riya Park Muscat
Incense Burner. What a view from the top!
Incense Burner Riya Park
Frankincense and Omani daggers at the Mutra Souk (Traditional Market)
Matrah Souk Muscat
Jumping for joy at Qantab.
Oman Craggy Coast
Grand Mosque Muscat.
Grand Mosque Oman
Time for coffee and conversation in Muscat.
Arabic Coffee in Oman
Shangrala Qntab
Marina Bandar
Marina Bandar
Old Watch tower at Riyam.
Camels grazing along Al Hail Beach.
Camel at Al Hail Beach
Sunrise with the Wave area in the background.
Al Hail Muscat


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