Posted by: Brad Beaman | April 21, 2013

Raigad Fort Photo Essay

We drove the “back way” to Raigad Fort (we cut straight across at Nizampur). I told my family that there were a billion Indians who had not seen this part of India. Even the locals at the turn had not heard of traveling this route to Raigad, but the GPS said it could be done.


When we saw the cable car there were a few in the family that had their doubts about going on it.

Raigad Cable car

In the end no one wanted to walk up the mountain.

Raigad Cable

What an incredible cable car experience.

Cable car Raigad

It felt like we were going straight up

Raiggad straight up

View was amazing from the cable car.

Raigad view

This side shows the mountains we drove over from Nizambad

Nizampur route view

Once on top Raigad Fort is very impressive

Raigad Fort on Top

What an incredible place for Shivaji to have his capital

Raigad trone area

We did not stay long considering how difficult the drive was to reach here.

Raigad view

We returned the conventional Raigad Road- Mahad- Mangoan- Mulshi Dam route. It was three times as long and we went 3 times as fast. Took about same time. No regrets on arriving the unconventional route.



  1. Nice Pics Brad

  2. Hi Brad, been going through your pune travels one-by-one. I live in pune and also travel a lot with my family. I also maintain a blog at You have mentioned a back route to raigad. is it possible to point it on a map? thanks and i have few more of your posts to read 🙂
    Btw, i have been to Raigad in the monsoon and it is a sight to behold. the cable car disappears into the mist and you see tons of waterfalls down the mountain face.

  3. found it fact, the first time when i went to Raigad, i took this road (from nizamput to pachad) for around a km (as locals said that it is a shortcut), but turned back as the road was not paved. have heard that this route is awesome during the monsoon. You said that it took a long time, is it pretty bad?

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