Posted by: Brad Beaman | May 9, 2013

Matheran Climb

It is said that Matheran was discovered by Britisher Hugh Poyntz Malet in 1850. Yea right! There are 2000 year old caves associated with the Mahāsāṃghika sect of Buddhism surrounding Matheran (like Karla Caves) and there are nearby forts hundreds of years earlier where you can see Matheran. Matheran is located on an major ancient trade route. One fort near Matheran is Lohagad fort captured by Shivaji in 1648 which he surrendered to the moguls 1665.

Matheran climb

Decided to climb Matheran by bicycle. On a hot day! Set out for my Matheran bicycle ride. It gets steep. 8% average gradient The gradient kicks way up at the end (of course)

Matheran bicycle

Made it to the top and time for a photo opp with some children.

Matheran Cycle pose

The toy train is an option to get up Matheran.

Mathern train station

There are dozens of hotels so people come with luggage and coolies are on hand.

Matheran train tracks

Horses are a way to get around the pollution free zone with no vehicles allowed past the parking point.

Matheran toy train

There are numerous lookout points and you could hike around up there for hours maybe days.

Matheran Map

Horse rides are popular.

Matheran horse

I liked taking a picture of the work horses.

Mathern work horses

One of the many outlook points.

Maria Point Matheran

Views are spectacular.
Matheran overlook



  1. Nice pics….
    There is a for nearby to Matheran, its called as Peb/Vikatgad. There is a route from Peb to the one side of Matheran. I recently did it as night trek. This trek could be worth doing in mansoon as the scenery would be very nice.

  2. sorry fir typo 😦 . There is a fort* nearby

    • looks like I should go to sleep now…. I had a heavy day.
      sorry for* typo again

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