Posted by: Brad Beaman | September 10, 2013

Shanti Stupa Hike Photo Essay

Our guest house was at the foot of Shanti Stupa. I had been eyeing this for a challenging climb and for a great place on top for Leh photos.

Shanti Stupa from Goaba

The start of the climb is 11,500 ft and according to my Google search info there are 500 steps to the top.
Shanti Stupa from start

Not only did I want to stop and take photos on the way up, it was good to rest with the steep climb and high altitude.
Shanti Stupa steps

That was a good idea to put a café at the top of the steps!
Shanti Stupa Cafe

The white stupa and blue sky made a beautiful contrast. At night the Stupa is lighted and it is really cool to see when the lights of Leh go out and the Shanti Stupa remains lit.
Shanti Stupa sky

Shanti Stupa top

A view of Kahrdungala. This has huge significance to me after the attempted cycle ride up to the top.The distance by road is 37 kilometers.
Shanti Stupa Khardungal La View

You can see the criss-cross of the road up Khardungala. I cycled up as far as South Pullu to 15,500 ft. Almost the whole way up Khardungala Road I could see Shanti Stupa where I began the ride.
Khardungla Road

There is a great view of the Zanskar Mountains from anywhere in Leh but from Shanti Stupa it is a particularly beautiful view.
Zanskar Mnts

The other landmark for Leh on the opposite side is the Sanskar Gompa with the Leh Palace below it.
Sanskar Gompa from Shanti Stupa

At the bottom of the stairs is the Goba Guest house. The tall trees circle the property.
Goba guest House from Shanti Stupa



  1. nice pics…
    I am also planning to travel to Leh, Ladakh on bike….

  2. Great write-up. The view totally floors most people I bet.

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