Posted by: Brad Beaman | October 13, 2013

Kaas Plateau of Flowers Photo Essay

This photo essay comes from my trip to Kaas, India where I immersed myself in the Floral landscape. With 850 different species of flowers Kaas has been declared a Biodiversity World Heritage Site.

Kaas Flower Valley

On the way out of Pune these flowers where covering NH4 and we had not even come within 100 kilometers of KAAS.

Kaas Floral

Oh my! A Frog in the beard threads – These are Pogostemon Deccanensis. Pogos means beard and stemon means threads. Maximum elevation on the Kaas hike of 4,081.36 ft

Pogostemon deccanensis

Bee enjoys this.

Bee at KAAS

Cyanotis cristata


Utrucyarua purascens known locally as Sita’s tears.

Utrucyarua purascens Kaas

Green Beatle on Smithia hirsuta Kaas

Smithia hirsuta Kaas

Fern by Kaas Lake

Fern Kaas lake

Sonki yellowflowers at Shivasagar Lake  (senecio grahamii)

Kaas Lake


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