Posted by: Brad Beaman | October 28, 2013

Torna Photo Essay

Torna fort view from Velhe village the where the Trek begins.

Torna Fort

It is called the “eagle’s nest” as one of the highest forts of Pune district. I saw some amazing eagles on the way up and on top.

Flpwer bee Torna

I started at Velhe village 65 kilometers from Pune. Velhe is 2,399 feet and went to 4,570 feet a climb of 2,149. It was categorized HC by my MapMyRide program and said I burned 3,000 calories going up and down and both ways was 5 and one-half miles.

I climbed solo and never saw another person for the 5 hours when I left Velhe village and returned. I just left my information on the windshield and told the Velhe police I was going up.


I saw many crabs along the path and this was the largest I saw.


I saw Rajgad easily and also other forts could be seen Sinhagad and even Raigad.


Torna Fort famous as the first fort captured by Shivaji in 1643. He hit the jackpot with a load of gold captured to continue his campaigns.


I just followed the ridge up to the cloud.


The flowers were very similar to Kaas a world heritage biodiversity spot 100 kilometers away.

Flower beatle Torna

This is the ridge that is to be hiked to trek from Torna to Rajgad.

Torna Fort

Torna is also called PRACHANDAGAD meaning massive fort. This was the view toward Raigad.
Tora Fort


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