Posted by: Brad Beaman | January 20, 2014

Lodi Garden Photo Essay

Lodi gardens in Delhi is known as “Best Urban Oasis in Asia” Here are a few pictures from my January morning walk through Lodi Gardens.

Muhammad Shah Sayyid’s Tomb from the dynasty 1414-1451.


There was lots of crazy stuff going on with the animals. They all seemed to involve a squirrel.

This was two parrots attacking a squirrel and then getting into the squirrel hole in the tree.

Lodi Garden

The squirrels had the parrot outnumbered and chased off the parrot.

Lodi Garden

The squirrel gets the honey from the Lodi garden honey comb.

Lodi Garden

Twisted tree.

Twisted tree in Lodi

That’s me I was really in Lodi Gardens.

Brad Beaman in Lodi

Not sure why this see hear say no evil statue is at Lodi




  1. Beautiful photos….

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