Posted by: Brad Beaman | March 2, 2014

Bhimbetka Photo Essay

Bhimbetka Rock Shelter 40 kilometers outside Bhopal.


Bhimbetka Rock Shelter has humans living since the Paleolithic period.

Bhimbekta Rock Shelter

Bhimbetka paintings date start from the Mesolithic Period.

Bhimbekta cave paintings

Tortoise Rock Bhimbetka Rock Shelter

Tortoise Rock Bhimbetka

Kids climbing at Bhimbetka Rock Shelter

Bhimbetka rock climb

There are so many painted animals (252) that this part of Bhimbetka is called the zoo.

Bhimbetka zoo

The mythical baor at Bhimbetka Rock Shelter. This is different because the animal is hunting man where other paintings have the man hunting the animals.

Bhimbetka Mythical Baor

Bhimbetka Rock Shelter

Bhimbetka family

Cavemen at Bhimbetka Rock Shelter

Bhimbetka cave men

There were amazing tree and rock formations at Bhimbetka.


Bhimbetka formation.




  1. Amazing place. The photos are great!

  2. Great 😀

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