Posted by: Brad Beaman | December 14, 2014

Cycling Kolkata Wetlands Photo Essay

The Kolkata cyclists picked the wetlands for their December 14 ride. This was my introduction to a group ride in Kolkata.


The Kolkata wetlands cover 125 square kilometers, and include salt marshes and salt meadows.

There are about 100 plant species, which have been recorded in and around the East Calcutta Wetlands.
The fishponds produce 26 million pounds of fish annually.
The area attracts migratory birds.

There was a mixture of road and off road on this ride.
The interesting local custom note was to visit and sample the production of Bengali’s favorite jaggery sweet called Nolen Gur wich is a Date Palm jaggery. The date palm sap is collected at night in an earthen pot and at dawn the post are brought down and production begins. The sap is then poured into shalti (an iron cauldron), which is then placed on an earthen oven. Over the oven fire with constant stirring it slowly begins to take on a golden color and honey like consistency.
And yes Nolen Gur is good!



  1. Wow.. That must have been quite an experience.. 🙂

  2. Thanks for the pictures, very interesting. Is it sweet? I thought of our syrup. Love, Carolyn

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