Posted by: Brad Beaman | February 21, 2015

Sundarbans Family Trip

We left Kolkata 7 AM to Jharkhali to visit the Sundarbans. This is the view from the Jharkhali watchtower. Sundarbans are is a mangrove forest where the 700 Rivers of Bangladesh and Hooghly of India pour into the Bay of Bengal. 1 The forest department has a Mangrove nursery to promote new or endangered varieties. 2 The Sundarbans are five times the size of the Florida Everglades and the main attraction is spotting a Bengal Tiger in the wild. We saw injured tiger in captivity being nursed back to health. 3 We drove from Kolkata in the morning did the watchtower, zoo and boat ride at Jharkhali and then drove back later that day. 5 I went fishing where the Bidhyadari River meets the Malta River but did not catch any fish. Our boat stirred up the ducks on the river. 6 We enjoyed having our whole family together. 7 The boat motor broke when we were out the full distance. 8 The boat operator called another boat to come and tow us in. That is our tow boat coming toward us. 10 We actually enjoyed quietly floating on the river with no engine sound. 12



  1. Looks like a great family adventure. Thanks for the post!

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