Posted by: Brad Beaman | March 16, 2015

Old Dhaka Photo Essay

“Old Dhaka will side-swipe you with it’s overwhelming intensity, and leave impressions that will never fade.” So says Lonely Planet and I went out by bicycle on a Sunday morning, the first work day of the week to see if Old Dhaka would really side-swipe me. I started out with a quick look at “Kella Lalbagh” the fort built from 1678-1684.

Then I had a Paratha breakfast near Lalbagh and searched the narrow roads for the Bara Katra which is the oldest building in Dhaka originally a palace built in 1644.


This tea stall was directly across from Bara Katra. I already had tea at Lalbagh Fort but they pulled me in and I had tea again.


When I reached Showari Ghat the intensity began.


There was a log jam on Sadarghat–Gabtoli Road, a log jam with real logs.


I was offered plenty of opportunities to ride across the Buriganga River in the small wooden boats.


Passengers coming off the ferry that just crossed the Buriganga.


I was trying to find the Ahsan Manzil and and when I asked a local shop worker who was deep frying some items pointed me to a winding passage. I could barely push my bicycle through it is was so narrow. Incredibly I popped out at at the Gol Talab just near the palace.


I climbed a building of shops and still under construction.


View of Ahsan Manzil – Pink Palace from an adjacent building.


At the Ahsan Manzil  I received an offer to buy my bicycle. How could I sell my “old friend” I replied. It was obvious to him the bicycle was brand new. It was also obvious to me he did not have the money to buy my bicycle. I took a ride down Bangshal Road (Bicycle Street). That was enough of being side-swiped by Old Dhaka for that day.



  1. it looks like you’re moving to a wonderful new location full of many adventures for you and your family…

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