Posted by: Brad Beaman | August 6, 2015

Dhaka Ride

I was two nights and three days in Bangladesh. That’s enough time for a 40 kilometer bicycle ride so I took the chance.

I started the ride in Banani and cycled north of the airport circling around the botanical garden and zoo area and on to the main bus station at Kallyanpur. I hit a big traffic snag in the first kilometer. I am going to ride the side without the traffic jam!

Dhaka ride 1

I went up and over this jam using this walkover.

ride 2

A selfie on the walkover escalator. I already look hot and tired after 700 meters.

ride 3

I am now out past the airport as I ride along the Turag River.

ride 4

I stopped to look at the boats and I was offered a boat ride. I had enough time for a 40 kilometer cycle ride but not for the boating option.

Dhaka boats

There was lot’s of open area compared to my start. I watched a plane land way in the distance where I had cycled past the airport. How long until this area is fully developed?

ride 6

This was the Dhaka Botanical garden area. My last photo. After this it is soon back to urban chaos. I stopped to buy a bottle of  water and two bananas and then I finished the ride.

ride 7



  1. outstanding images

  2. Ah, I wish I could have met you when you were here. Always interesting to meet foreign nationals who come to visit this city. 🙂

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