Posted by: Brad Beaman | January 7, 2016

Outline of Ephesians

In Christ

I) Greeting (1:1-2)
Paul’s reference to himself is more general than in other letters. Paul is not seeking to establish his authority of his apostleship. Paul mentions both Jesus Christ and God the Father as a source of grace and peace.

II) Redemption in Christ (1:3-14)
1. Election (3-6)
Paul speaks of our election in Christ. Paul emphasizes that this choice was made “in love.” Paul also stresses the end result of our election is for us to be blameless before God.
2. Redemption (7-14)
Our redemption is through the blood of Christ according to the riches of God’s grace.

III) Paul’s First Prayer (1:15-23)
1. Thanksgiving (15-16)
Paul makes mention of his thankfulness because of his readers’ faith in the Lord.
2. Enlightenment (17-18)
Paul asks for enlightenment from God for his readers to know the hope of their calling.
3. The Power of God (19-23)
a. Power for those who believe
b. Power which raised Christ
c. Power to glorify Christ

IV) Remember your salvation (2:1-22)
1. You Were Dead (1-3)
You walked according to the world, the prince of the power of the air and your flesh. You were spiritually dead.
2. You Received new life in Christ (4-10)
You were dead, but were made alive in Christ.
3. You Were Reconciled
a. You were separate from Christ (11-12)
b. You were brought near to Christ (13)
c. Dividing walls broken down (14-17)
d. Access in one Spirit (18)
e. You are built together in one dwelling (19-22)

V) The Mystery of the Gospel (3:1-13)
1. The mystery was revealed to Paul (1-5)
2. What the mystery is (6-7)
The Gentiles are joint heirs in Christ with the Jews.
3. Do not lose heart (8-13)

VI) Paul’s Second Prayer (3:14-21)
1. Prayer for inner strength of readers (14-19)
2. To God be the glory (20-21)

VII) Christian Living (4:1-6:9)
1. Unity 4:1-16)
2. Gifts 4:7-16)
The gifts are given in order that the saints may be equipped for service.
3. Your Old and New Life (4:17-32)
a. Old life laid aside (17-22)
b. Put on the new self (23-5:2)
1. New self is the likeness of God (24)
2. New self gives the devil no opportunity (25-29)
3. Do not grieve the Holy Spirit (30-32)
4. Darkness and Light (5:1-20)
a. You were formerly darkness (1-8a)
b. You are now light (8b-20)
5. The Christian Home (5:21-6:9)
a. Husbands and Wives (5:21-6:9)
1. Wives respect your husbands for he is the head of the family as Christ is the head of the church.
2. Husbands love your wives as Christ loves the church.
b. Children and Parents (6:1-4)
1. Children must obey your parents which is the right thing to do.
2. Fathers you must not provoke your children to anger.
c. Slaves and Masters (6:5-9)
1. Slaves be obedient to your masters as if serving Christ.
2. Masters remember your slaves has same heavenly master as you

VIII) Spiritual Warfare (6:10-20)
1. Who is our enemy (10-11)
2. Know the schemes of the enemy (12)
3. Know your armor (13)
a. Belt of truth (14)
b. Breast plate of righteousness (14)
c. Shoes of the Gospel of peace (15)
d. Shield of faith
e. Helmet of salvation (17)
f. Sword of the Spirit
4. Prayer is the action of warfare (18-20)

IX) Closing Words (6:21-24)
1. Explanation of circumstances (21-22)
2. Blessing (23-24)


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