Posted by: Brad Beaman | February 5, 2016

Outline of 1 Peter

Rejoice in Suffering for Christ


Chapter 1   Remember you salvation in Christ

Peter encourages his readers in their persecution to fear God and love others. There are several appeals to the reader to remember your salvation.

Vs. 1-2 Peter addresses his readers and states his purpose is to encourage obedience in Christ.

Vs. 3-5 Remember and bless God who caused us to be born again and gives future hope.

Vs. 6-9 Your persecution brings glory to Christ.

Vs. 10-12 The prophets predicted the suffering of Christ.

Vs. 13-16 Be holy for God is holy.

Vs. 17 -21 Conduct yourself in fear remembering your salvation.

Vs. 22-25 Love one another remembering your salvation.

Chapter 2   Grow in your salvation.

Grow in your salvation, submit to human institutions and keep your behavior upright before men. Remember the suffering of Christ on the Cross.

Vs. 1-10 Grow in aspect of salvation. Two illustrations are used, a new born baby and building a house. Each demonstrates how a believer should grow.

Vs. 11-17 Submit to human institutions and keep your behavior upright before men. Remember your freedom in Christ, do not abuse it.

Vs. 18-20 Servants be in submission to masters.

Vs. 21-25 Remember the suffering of Christ that He bore that we might die to sin and live in righteousness.

Chapter 3 Christ suffered and died the just for the unjust.

Wives let your gentile heart in submission be observed by your husband, husbands understand your wives. Be kindhearted to all returning good for evil.

Vs. 1-6 Wives let your beauty be inward submitting to your husbands. Let your gentile heart be observed be your husband.

Vs. 7 Husbands be understanding to your wives.

Vs. 8-12 Be kind hearted to those who treat you evil.

Vs. 13-17 It is good to suffer for doing right.

Vs. 18-22 Christ suffered and died for the sake of the unjust.

Chapter 4 Be ready to suffer

Be ready to suffer as Christ himself suffered. Be string in love and serving others. Rejoice in your suffering for in it you obey the gospel.

Vs. 1-6 As Christ has suffered you too be ready to suffer. You followed your fleshly desires previously. Now the Gentiles will be surprised when you do not join them.

Vs. 7-11 Be strong in love and employ your spiritual gift in serving others.

Vs. 12-14 Do not be surprised at your suffering rather rejoice in them.

Vs 15-19 Your reaction to suffering will be accounted for at the time if judgment.

Chapter 5 Stand firm in you suffering

Elders give leadership and young people will be willing to submit. All be humble and serve others. Be alert to the devil and stand firm in you suffering.

Vs. 1-4 Elders willingly give leadership in so doing you will receive a crown.

Vs. 5 Younger men be subject to your elders.

Vs. 6-8 Humble yourselves for God opposes the proud. Give your cares to the Lord.

Vs. 8-11 Be alert the devil is seeking to devour you.

Vs. 10-14 Stand in suffering and you will know the grace of God. Good bye.









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