Meet Brad

Hi, I’m Brad.

My wife Lenora and I have three children.


This site is where I have posted my poetry, Travel pages, sermons, photography and articles.

This picture below that I use as my WordPress icon was taken by award-winning photographer Baba Steve. See his work and prepare to be astounded. Visit Babasteve Photos on Flickr at


I subtitled this blog “My Face Space”. This name for my blog came to me when I was asking my daughter if she had either a Facebook account or a My Space account.

When I asked her it came out, Do you have a “My Face Space” account? She rolled her eyes and I knew I had confused the names of the two popular internet social networks in a classic parental blunder. But also I had a name I liked for my blog.

Thanks for visiting!

Brad Beaman




  1. Hi Brad,

    Are you a pastor? What is the name of your church?
    I want to know about you, i love your note.

    • Hi, Brad.
      You have a lot of good ideas. Keep sharing them, as they are gifts from God. I am 77 and still preaching. I just had my 50th ordination party. My wife, Doris, planned a wonderful event. One hundred people came.
      I serve a Riceville Community Church, a small church in West Valley, NY. I enjoy photography, growing plants, electronics, writing and music. I play piano at a local nursing home nightly when possible. My harmonica has blessed many lives. I serve as chaplain of the West Valley Hose Company.
      I have written a lot of poetry. If you type, David Y Bevington into your search engine you will find listings of my E-books. God is good and he is still in the business of transforming lives through Jesus. He still does miracles. I could write a book on the ones I have seen and experienced. Keep up the good work.

  2. Hi Brad,

    This is Tobin Perry. We worked together almost 10 years ago when I was a j-man, writing for TC and BP. I came across your blog and thought I’d say hi. I’m serving as a pastor in Southern Indiana now. I used to know Baba Steve real well. I lived nearby in Cyprus. Just wanted to say hello!

  3. Hello Brad,
    I would like to talk to you about your beautiful photo of the old woman in India. Please email me.
    Thank you,

  4. Hey Brad, thanks for the response to my recent sermon. Glad to know that you are on here as well. I notice that you are a contributor, so am I?


    Jim Kane

  5. Do you minister in Tibet or just have a passion for the country?

  6. hi there please pray for my irish family one of our brothers has died and we are so sad.
    god bless you in all you do.

  7. I’ve a question about the timeline in Ezra chapter 4. There is a reference to the letter sent to Artaxerxes in verse 11. Then in verse 24 there is a reference to the building projected being halted because of this letter until the reign of Darius king of Persia. How is that possible since Darius was king before Artaxerxes?!!

    • Darius is a position such as governor, a different ruler with the prefix Darius

  8. Hi Brad. I was wondering, have you ever written a book or novel? I’m not a writer but consider myself a student of the Word. Anyways, I have this fictional storyline pressing in my heart (Hades Conquest) that can best be described as a cross between Jenkins’ “The Gospel according to” series and Frank Peretti’s “Darkness” books. My lack of writing experience dictates that I look for a potential partner. If you are interested or even just curious about the plot send me an e-mail and I’ll forward you a book cover synopsis.

    God Bless!

    • Hi Luis, Your Novel sounds interesting, but taking up a writing project is not something I will be able to do. I hope it does work out for you.

  9. Thanks for the response Brad. Here is a potential dust cover synopsis of the storyline. It is only very hi-level at this point. If you know of anyone who might be interested/qualified let me know. God bless and success in all of your endeavors.

    Four hundred years of prophetic silence is shattered as the herald’s booming voice rings through the Judean desert, “Repent for the kingdom of God is at hand!” The air is thick with both crowd expectation and God’s undeniable presence. But there is another force present, both dark and sinister, monitoring this spectacle. These invisible agents of the death underworld, masquerading behind two religious leaders, nervously stand a good distance off carefully observing the bold messenger’s anointing and message. They temporarily abandon their two human hosts and bolt, like fleeting shadows, towards the Hades bastion anxious to give an update.

    In the modest village of Natzeret, Yeshua, a nondescript wood worker to most, lies prone having been in prayer since the early morning hours. Nevertheless, he radiates with a heavenly eminence not detectable by the human eye as he rises and confirms, “It is time.”

    While in the dark confines of a ghastly, impenetrable spirit-fortress, gather a contingent of unholy demonic advisers, contemplating the most recent developments. God was on the move no doubt, but for what purpose? They correctly assess that the next great chapter in the battle of good vs. evil is imminent, but what is unbeknownst to them is that Hades, the very stronghold they have gathered in and have jurisdiction over, is the predestined combat zone and at stake.

  10. Hi Brad,
    I was at the park and God’s voice said priceless.
    I read and research Philippians 3:7-11 and you know that whatever we get has a price. Home, car,health etc. If we only realize that knowing Jesus Christ is priceless and having a joy in believing that faith is our dependant we can overcome anything. Always know that Jesus is perfect in every way. God loves you and your family continue to be a faithful servant.

  11. I just happen to stumble on your website as I picked up one of Bruce Wilkerson’s book Secrets of the Vine.and typed in the title and there you were. I would like to receive a newsletter if you have one.Thanks again.

  12. Hello to the Beaman family,
    We were in the quad at MLC with your family. It’s great to see your pictures and to see how your family has grown.
    Robert and Deborah Nichols

  13. Hi Brad,
    I recently came across your website and evey day I read the different lessons. I was wondering if you have any suggestion of readings from the Bible or any lessons you may have posted on how I can excersice my faith. I would like to learn to trust God in and above all things.
    Many Thanks

  14. Brad,
    Thank you very much for your response. I sure will read the chaptersyou have recmmended. Please pray that I strenghten through God’s words and please pray for me that my spirits will be lifted and stop living in the past.
    Many thanks

  15. Hello;

    I am inspired by your site. I have a similar site with shutterfly. Take a look. I would like your permission to link your site, or possibly cut and paste some of your commentary, such as the one on “grace and love”. Just a way to continue sharing God’s word, and love through Jesus Christ!

    Thanks for taking time to share with others!

  16. I am Looking for Brad Beaman who graduated from Hamilton Southeastern in 1979. Is this you? We are planning a class reunion this summer and wanted to get in contact with you. I did not know how else to contact you. Blessings, Jane Townsend Antonetti


  18. Hey Brad,

    I just thought I would say hi! It has been a long time since we were journeymen together! Hope all is well! You and your family will be in my prayers!

    Grace & Peace,

    Kenneth Jones

  19. Hello,
    I just happened to read an article you have written on Channappa Uttangi – Lessons from India. ( )

    Was very nice to read about your research done on his works.
    But even there are certain doubts about certain statments passed by him, about Chirst being a lingayat and so on. Just wanted to know your view about this very different kind of preaching and what do you feel about all this according to the studies you have done about Rev. Uttangi….

    • Hi Sangeeta,

      Yes that statement sounds troubling at first glance. My study of Uttangi makes me think Uttangi meant Christ would hold to the social practices of Lingayats like all are equal before God and opposing caste discrimination. I don’t at all think that Uttangi thought Christ did or would worship the Shiva Linga. Uttangi was an orthodox evangelical according to my findings and readings of his works and interviews of those who knew him.

      • Hi !! Brad,

        I am one of the great grand daughter of Rev. Channappa Uttangi…….. which I had not mentioned in my previous message to you.
        I am glad to inform you that the grand children and the great grand children of Rev. Uttangi are organizing a family gathering to commemorate the life and ways of his preaching. Being our great grandpa, his family and relatives know very less about him. We have organized two speakers who have known him closely and will speak about him. Some of his writings will also displayed……..

  20. Hai I am babu it wonderful picture

  21. Have used your commentaries in my theology assignment, if you dont mind..have also put you in the Bibliography of course! thanks and well done. God Bless

    • Hi Milu,

      I am so glad you found the site helpful. Please feel free to use any material on the site in your assignment.

      In Christ, Brad Beaman

  22. Hi Brad,

    Greetings. I am pastor in tamilnadu and my church needs lot of support to work among multi faith context and we have hospice centre and do not whom to seek for financial help and found your web. You have done many good things and I thought to approch you for help. Please help us to grow and be blessings to others.

    Regards and thanks for every thing,



  23. Brad,
    I would love to hear from you. Send email address.



  25. Hello Brad, i read your article on uttangi, are you still doing research on Uttangi… i want to know about your studies too..
    Mail me to

  26. Hello Brad, I have read some of your posts on traveling in India and throughout Asia and i must say that i enjoy listening to your stories. I also like your photos and it gives me great insight into different parts of the world. Thanks for sharing and i hope you keep it up.

  27. Hello Brad,

    We are students at seminary and taking some help from you sermon on “Your Heavenly Citizenship, Philippians 3:17-21” . It is my wife’s turn to take devotion in the chapel.

    Thanks a lot and God bless you!


  28. Hello Brad
    Thanks for all those messages and great pics too.. May God Bless you and your family

  29. High Brad,
    Just saw the Maitlen genealogy info you posted on 6/21/12 and have some corrections for you.

    First, no evidence to support Isaac Maitlen (1781-1838) being born in Scotland and current Y DNA evidence for this Mailten family suggest no connection with Scottish Clan Maitland. Origin is most likely central England and was more like Maidlin/Madelin before becoming Maitlen. (Also found as Medlin and many other variants before mid 1800s and common ancestor with many american Medlins, Maudlins, Modlins, and an English Madelin).

    Second, you have a few grandchildren of Richard Maitlen (1810-1887) listed as his children.

    For more info you can find many other trees posted out there (including several with errors) and there is also info I have posted on

    I am a descendant of Wm Harrison Maitlen (1844-1926)

    Appreciate your posting your family’s pics.


    Paul Wright

    • Hi Paul,

      Thank you for the helpful information on the Maitlens. I will update accordingly and link to your site.

      Blessings, Brad B

  30. Hello Brad
    I just stumbled across your Greider genealogy. My mother was a Stauffer and I believe we go back to the Stauffers of Eggiwil. My wife also has Creider/Kreider in her background. In your research you show a tie to Stauffers.
    I feel so honored to have someone like Christian Stauffer as one of my ancestors. And to think of the Anabaptist leaders that came out of Eggiwil. My father was a pastor in the Brethren in Christ Church.
    Thanks for your work, Warren

    • Hi Warren,

      Glad you visited the site and left the message. It looks like we have a Stauffer connection to add to Noah and Adam common ancestors. 🙂

      Blessings, Brad B

  31. Hi Brad
    This is Ray Brocx from our old shelton UMY days.
    Its wonderful to see you and your family doing so well.
    I think of you often, you have had a big impact on my life.
    Friend and brother Forever.

  32. Brad,

    Hope all is well. Wanted to know if you were aware of any photographs that might exist of your great great grandmother Rachel (Maitlen) Doren (1839-1925) as I would be interested in obtaining scans if any exist.

    Here is link to her find a grave memorial. thks

    • Hi Paul,

      I will look for a Rachel (Maitlen) Doren and let you know if anything turns up.

      Brad B

  33. New email address. Lost home in moore oklahoma tornado….totally gone…living in norman.

    • Hi Ginger,

      Very sorry you lost your home to the tornado.

      Brad B

  34. New email. Lost home in tornado

  35. Hi Brad,
    I’ve been working on my Beaman family genealogy and stumbled across your genealogy. I was wondering if you have any documentation for those generations earlier than Francis, Sr? I’ve been trying to find more than anecdotal references. I’m stuck and it’s been driving me crazy all summer!


    • Hi Julie,

      any documentation for those generations earlier than Francis, Sr?

      no sorry I don’t.

      Please share with me any findings. You might contact the Beaman museum for information. Google it for the contact information.

  36. new email

  37. Hi Brad,

    My wife and i do online chapel for Lubbock Christian Univeristy and would like to use your script about ‘Pressing On For Christ’. You thought are so on target. We site your writing and will direct students to check out your web site at the end of our 5 minute video talk.

    Please e-mail me at or feel free to give me a call – 678-613-9078

    Because of His Amazing Love

    Kin Ellis

  38. Hi Kin,

    You have permission to use ‘Pressing On For Christ’ in your ministry at Lubbock Christian University. I wish you and your wife all the best as you also press on in your online chapel and invest in the lives of students.

    In Christ,
    Brad B

  39. Brad
    I wanted to thank you for your ancestry information. My husband Douglas Beaman and you have the same ancestor back at Francis Beaman b 1725. I had been stuck in searching the parents on back from Simon Beman b 1629 in Mass. I was wondering where you got your information on his parents, etc.? Please contact me on facebook. Thanks, Elaine Thomas Beaman

  40. Do you know what church Rev. Benjamin Beamon was at in 1844 in Boone, IN? Looks like he married my ancestors.
    Eileen Youkey Brudi

    • Hi Eileen,


      Benjamin married Mary Busey in Washington County

      in March 1825 (Washington County Marriage Records – Indiana

      Source Book II, page 227), and was living in Boone County,

      Indiana by 1840 census, and still there in 1850 and 1860. In

      November 1836 he helped organize Pleasant View Church in the

      northeast part of Jefferson Township, and served it 21 years.

      He died 24 July 1875 near Sangemon, Indiana (Beaman Museum)

  41. Sir , please give your email id or any other contact detail please

  42. Hi Brad,

    I’ve written a concept album called “Bethesda” and I’m especially fond of one of your photos that I’d like to use for the album cover (2010/04/pools-of-bethsesda-a.jpg). Would you contact me about licensing/permission? Love your work! You have a great eye for perspective.


    • Hi Kelley,

      You have permission to use my 2010/04/pools-of-bethsesda-a.jpg photo.

      All the best on your upcoming project.

      Brad B

  43. Thank you! I will send you a complimentary copy when I finish. As you might have guessed, it’s a Christian project. Bethesda happens to be the name of my church and also symbolizes for me the old life we grow accustomed to and to which we must bid farewell once we encounter Jesus.

  44. Hi Brad. I found your site, while researching for my family tree. To make a long story, VERY short, the ‘historian’ for the Bartlett Society, told me, in no uncertain terms, that Robert Bartlett, and Sarah Cooke Bartlett’s daughter did NOT marry a John Beaman, and that I should get ‘real’, that she married a John Finney/Phinney, that the Mayflower Society, is THE place to go, for correct information. I have found both ways on the internet, and am hoping that she was married to either Mr Beaman, or BOTH of these gentlemen, to put me in her line. When I look up Sarah and Mr Beaman, I do not find them having a daughter, Mary Beaman, that I need to find, but in some locations, it shows that Mary married Capt John Oliver, which would eventually trickle down to me. With all of that said, I would like to ask, where did you get your information, that Sarah Bartlett married John Beaman?
    Please, and thank you.
    Linda Nelson

  45. Hi Sir,

    My name is Joseph Israel and I am from Sajeeva.

    In your active years in India, yourself and N.J.Samson worked closely by serving various people in different parts of the Karnataka state.

    It is my privilege to inform that Samson is celebrating his 60th birthday on 19th of this month.

    We have planned to organise a surprise event on 18th (This Sunday).

    If you send your birthday wishes to him through same media or any other sources like our Facebook It will be great surprise for him.

    Sir, we are continuing to pray for your family.

    Yours in Christ,


  46. Recently added portrait of Thomas & Rachel Doren found on ancestry that had been passed down family of their oldest daughter Maria Sophia Doren Stout.

  47. Hello Brad,

    I read your sermon entitled ” Revival of the Mind” based on Philippians 4:8-9. To be honest with you I am so blessed and very much touched.

    With your permission, Can I used it in my ministry?

    Thank you,

    Rod Tenorio

    • Hi Rod,

      I am very glad to hear this message ” Revival of the Mind” was a benefit to you. Thank you for taking the time to give that feedback. You have permission to use the message in your ministry. Every blessing in your ministry ahead.

      In Christ,

      Brad B

  48. If you’re on Facebook, I created group for descendants of Isaac Maitlen & Sarah Fiers. Thks

  49. Hi Brad. Just wanted to let you know I am a long, lost cousin originally from Kentucky but retired to Florida. My great, great grandmother was Rebecca Beaman, daughter of Briant Beaman. Our ancestors were the same back to your 9th generation, Francis Beaman, when my line started through Abraham. Just wanted to let you know you have a cousin out here.
    Gary Smith

    • Thanks Gary glad to know you cousin

      Sent from my iPhone


  50. Hi, Mr.Brad, saw some of your postings on this site, they are quit different . So I am interested to ask some things to clarify.
    Jesus prayed trice same prayer in gestemane why three times.
    Why truce same prayer.
    Did Father did’t hear what Son prayed.
    Did he finally drank that cup( or obayed to drink the cup which he was not willing to drink. Seeking fathers permission ).
    What was the cup he was ready to drink as he said in jn 18:11. And what was the cup he praed to take away from him.

    Why he left his disciples in two places and was alone finally
    What he expected his disciples to do that time,, and did he prayed for them

    Thank you. Let you or some one can reply. I appriciate

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