Top 50 destinations

Here are my top 50 all time favorite travel destinations. 

I’m still working on my top 100 so give me your suggestions!



1)    Mt Everest  Because it’s there!


There’s nothing like visiting the highest point on planet earth. And no I did not climb it. I took the easy way up. I went on the Yeti Airlines Everest flight.

2)    Dead Sea, Israel-How low can you go!


The Dead sea is the lowest point on earth. There has to be something symbolic about my top two travel destinations being the highest and lowest points of the world.


3)    Arc de Triomphe: Champs Elysees-The Tour de France ends here.


vive le tour de france!


4)     Taj   India


It’s got to be the ultimate “been there done that” destination.


 5)     Camel Camp      Jodhpur, Rajasthan


Yes you get really saddle sore riding Camels, but its the good kind of hurt.


6)     Bentota     Sri Lanka


The sunset at Bentota Beach is nothing short of awesome!


7 )    Coeur d’ Alene,  Idaho


The most renowned summer resort destination in the Pacific Northwest (and for good reason).


8 )     Kanchenjunga      Darjeeling


Darjeeling in West Bengal, India is known as the “Queen of the Hills.”

Kanchenjunga is  the 3rd highest Mountain.


9)     Inverness, Scotland

      Inverness Scotland

Castle street in a Kilt. My honeymoon was to Inverness!


10)    Flatirons   Boulder, Colorado


When you get to Boulder you just want to climb a mountain and drink a cup of herbal tea (Red Zinger).


11    Embudu      Maldives


 World class snorkeling.

12    Heidelberg Castle Germany


Like stepping into a storybook. 

13    Leh   India

               Breathtaking Mts.


14    Andaman  Islands  India

              Eco tourism at it’s finest                


15    Sun Mountain      Mallorca Spain


16    Statue of Liberty       NYC


17    Laguna Beach      California

18    Shravanabelagola  Karnataka

19    Rocky Mt Ntl Park Colorado

20    Varanasi    India

21    Pink City Jaipur  Rajasthan

22    Singapore Zoo     Singapore

23    Agatti      Lakshadweep

24    White House DC

25    Lancaster   Pennsylvania

26    Mystic      Connecticut

27    Royal Chitwan Nepal    

28    Garden Tomb Israel

29    Patan Nepal

30    Brasstown Bald   

31    Shimla     

32    Mamallapuram     

33    Bloomington

34    Kovalam    

35    Niagara Falls      NY

36    Grand Palace      Bangkok

37    Donner Pass California

38    Old Faithful      Yellowstone, Wyoming

39    Sugarloaf Mt      Brazil

40    Backwaters  Kerala

41    Sequoia Red Woods  California

42    Grand Canyon      Arizona

43    Garden of gods    Colorado Springs


44    Indianapolis 500  Indiana

45    Key Largo   Florida

46    Sequoia Ntl Park  California

47    Mt Rushmore North Dakota

48    Golden Gate Bridge      San Fransisco

49    Dome of Rock      Yosemite

50    Boundry waters    Canada



  1. Brad,

    Your lists of places are indeed impressive but until you have seen the African sky in the bush in Tanzania or Kenya, you still have some living to do.

    Victoria Falls, the Morongoro Crater, Mt. Kilamenjaro, the Seregeti national park….the Wailing Wall, the Great Barrier Reef…..your list is quality but consider adding just one of these places and when you go you will understand.

    • Hi Ricky, Thanks. I am putting African sky in the bush in Tanzania on my to do list! I saw your web site. Every blessing with Life House ministries! In Christ, Brad B

  2. Hmph!! So Inverness only made it to number 29! I would be a little miffed at that, but the other places above it on the list are so much cooler that I’ll forgive you :o)
    I couldn’t believe it when I found this site just now, I was messing about on facebook looking for different people from my past, I couldn’t find you, so I googled your name and found this, I was one of the Castle Street youth when you were over here in Inverness, not so youthful anymore, I’m 35 now and married with 2 kids, man I feel old lol!
    I loved looking at the pics on here, you’re a great photographer and you have a beautiful family!
    Have a great New Year

    • Hi Susan, What was I thinking putting Inverness at 29? I just moved Inverness up 20 spots to number 9. I think Inverness even gets a couple of 1st place votes. I took my honeymoon to Inverness! Thank you so much for contacting me after all the years!
      Brad B

  3. Hi Brad,
    It’s been a while since I checked on your website, and you have certainly been busy. Your photography is absolutely stunning! I especially love the long-hair goat. Please let me know next time you are back in the states.
    (cousin) Cathy

  4. Oh my — was delighted to see Mt. Rushmore since I am a loyal SOUTH Dakotan. The ultimate no-no – listing it as North Dakota. 🙂

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