These are my top 12 photos. You can click on each one to see it in different sizes or find out information about the photo. 

Old Woman Ladakhi

Amish horse and buggy


tea pots

ladakh girl

infiniti pool

Infinity Pool

Ladakh Woman

Thai Kickboxing

Thinking Man with laptop

Elephant decked out





  1. Brad – While surfing sites on Paul, here you are! We met at the MLC and before that in Ajmer. Good to read your stuff. I’m preparing work on Paul, which took me here. Good to see your page and read your stuff.

    Tad de Bordenave

  2. Dear Brad Beaman,

    I-m looking for datas (author and site) of the Jonah painting, which is on your page:

    The Estonian musicologist Mr Vardo Rumessen turned to the National Library of Estonia with request to help him to find the repros of the paintings about Jonah. The aim is publishing them in the illustrated musicological monograph “Jonah’s mission”. The book will be in Estonian language and be published in the end of year 2008,.
    Could you help us, please, to find the painting.

    Best regards,
    Rita Enna
    National Library of Estonia

  3. Totally awesome photos! Be Blessed! Jim

  4. Incredible Photos! Which camera do you use?

    William Paul K P

    • Hi William,
      I use the Canon SD770 IS
      Here is a video about the camera:
      click here


  6. bradbeamana - View my most interesting photos on Flickriver

  7. Great pictures! Also just read your blog about 1 Corinthians 12:22, it was right on time for me. Praise God for guiding me here. God Bless you!!

  8. Awesome photography Brad!

  9. Awesome shots

  10. This is new email address…lost my home in the storm

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