Posted by: Brad Beaman | August 13, 2011

Murarbaji Deshpande

I was riding my bicycle to Purandar Fort from Pune and stopped along the way in Saswad for refueling, buying a bottle of water and some fruit. I made it to the top of a long climb, took some pictures and returned stopping again at the same shop. The shop owner asked if I made it up to Purandar. I let the pictures do the talking and showed him the pictures of the fort I took. When he saw the picture of the statue he said, Oh Murarbaji. The fact that the statue is in such a historic place as Purandar and that he was known immediately by the shop owner put me on a search to find out what I could about Murarbaji Deshpande. I have put some of what I have found interesting about this Maratha Kingdom hero here along with the pictures I took that foggy morning and another time I visited the fort.  

To appreciate the significance of Murarbaji Deshpande you have to put into perspective the importance of the Purandar Fort. Maloji Bhosale captured the fort in 1596. He was the grandfather of the founder of the Maratha empire Shivaji Bhosale. Shivaji re-captured the fort in one of his first military campaigns. Shivaji spent much time at Purandar and Shivaji’s son Shambaji was born here who became the second Monarch of the Maratha Kingdom.  

Murarbaji Deshpande is called the killedar which means keeper of the fort. He lost his life in the struggle to retain the fort. He joined the army of Shivaji Bhossale Maharaj in 1656 after originally fighting against the Bhosales after Shivaji took note of his bravery in battles.

A critical battle between the Marathas and Mughals took place at Purandar where Murarbaji lost his life in an act of bravery in battle defending Purandar from Diler Khan. After an offer of surrender Murarbaji attacked the mogal troops killing hundreds before his death at the battle of Purandhar .   

Murarbaji Deshpande

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  1. It is also said that Purandar is the broken part of the Dronagiri Parvat which Hanuman was carrying in Ramayana. When in the battle between God Rama and Ravana, Laxman fell unconscious while fighting, Rama told Hanuman to get the Sanjivani ( one of the medicinal plant ) from Dronagiri Parvat from Himalaya. But Hanuman was unable to find this perticular plant.

  2. Hi, Brad, It is really nice to notice pictures of Great Murarbaji Deshpande!!! I would like to add that, in the Battle of Purandar, Diler Khan was impressed with bravery of Murarbaji & offered him employment with Mughals. But very loyal to King Shivaji, Murarbaji fought the war bravely & lost his life….

  3. Awesome ! Thanks for sharing !

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